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Hanging outside my bedroom window fifteen feet up with a coat-hanger aerial held high... That was how I'd to pick up London's pirate stations as a kid living outside the city and it was through listening to these predominantly jungle orientated stations that I first started to catch and follow the sounds of early Grime.

Fast forward to now and Elijah and Skilliam founders of Butterz ( the blog turned record label, radio show, apparel brand, club nights and more ) are at the forefront of pushing some of the best of todays Grime talent. Run with Terror Danjah, Swindle, Royal T and Dane Bradshaw, Butterz ignores genre conventions and eagerly fosters the creativity and energy that makes Grime so great.

The animation is Elijah and Skilliam DJ'ing at the legendary Butterz & Hardrive rave held at Cable Club in London.