My Sound

A British Sound

In Cleveland, Ohio, the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame' purports to recognise the greatest of musicians ever to have played out, the museums pantheon of 'rock gods' ranging from Chuck Berry and Ray Charles to David Bowie and the Beastie Boys. While I'd never argue against its inductees, they are only one groups opinion on what good music consists.
I've decided to curate my own Pantheon, an entirely personal collection of artists - mainly of Black, British origin - and illustrate and animate this group of singers, DJ's, producers and MC's that I have seen live and that fuel my days and nights in and around London town.

And Me

My name is Daniel James Diggle and I am a freelance designer, illustrator and animator working in and around London, United Kingdom.

The Pantheon is an ongoing personal project done for the love of music and animation.
You can follow my nonsense on Twitter, take a gander at some of my design work or check out some of my illustration. Oh, and you can give me a shout over here.

The animation below is the original - rather more complex - Pantheon test anim of Elijah and Skilliam.